Opening Trading Position
To start trading on a derivatives market, you first need to open a position.

1. Select Market

Select the market you wish to trade on. You can do this by expanding the market list on the left, or by selecting a market when hovering over the Perpetuals or Powers tab.

2. Select Order Type

Select the type of order you wish to place.
Market Order: Places an order that settles automatically and immediately at the market price.
Limit Order: Allows to define the limit price at which the order will either buy or sell at.

3. Set Trade Parameters

Define your order parameters:
  • Long means you are buying the derivative. This is equivalent to betting on an upward price movement.
  • Short means you are selling the derivative. This is equivalent to betting on a downward price movement.
Limit Price (Only available in limit orders): If long, this is the maximum price you are willing to buy at. If short, this is the minimum price you are willing to sell at.
Amount: The amounts in derivatives and in USDC for the order.
POST (Only available in limit orders): Post-only orders will only make and never take. If the order gets filled, it is cancelled.
IOC (Only available in limit orders): Immediate or cancel orders will only execute if filled. If it isn't filled immediately, it is cancelled.
Leverage: The size of the order as a ratio to the value of your collateral. The higher this number, the more you earn when the price moves in your favour, but you also lose more on the downside. Leverage contributes to your account risk.

4. Place Order

Click the Place Order button, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

5. Monitor Position

You can see all your positions in the Active Positions tab on the trading view.

6. Monitor Risk

You can see your account risk in the Account Overview Module, or on your Portfolio page.