Quick Start
0 to 1 on trading, quick!

1. Connect your wallet

Click the "Connect" button at the top right to access the wallet connection popup.

2. Follow the "Setup Account" instructions

To access the "Setup Account" popup, you can navigate to the Portfolio.
The Solana blockchain requires a one-time 0.03 SOL fee to active the margin account. This cost goes directly towards making the on-chain margin account rent-free. This is not a 01 Exchange fee.
The setup helper is only available to new users.
Make sure you have enough SOL in your wallet to cover Solana transaction costs.

3. Deposit collateral

To start trading or borrowing, you need to first deposit collateral. You can deposit any of the supported collaterals. This collateral automatically accrues passive APY based on the borrow lending rate.

4. Follow one of these guides to discover what you can do next!