Get SPL Tokens
To interact with any decentralized application on Solana, you will need SPL tokens. These are Solana's native currency standard (similar to ERC-20 if you are familiar with Ethereum).
You will also need some pocket change in the form of $SOL tokens to pay for transactions over the Solana network (don't worry, transactions cost practically nothing, you just need a bit to get started).
Here are a few recommended ways to get your first SPL tokens:
  • Buy it on a centralized exchange like and send it to your SPL token wallet (*suggested method)
  • Buy it from your wallet directly through FTX Pay (**check if wallet has this feature)
  • Migrate your ERC-20 tokens to SPL tokens using Wormholeโ€”a cross chain bridge that moves tokens from one chain to another (***for advanced users)
Here is a list of tokens we would recommend getting first:
  • $USDC โ€” a token that is pegged to the value of a single $USD (also known as a stablecoin)
  • $SOL โ€” used to pay for transactions over the Solana network
Make sure you are always using the SPL version of tokens (NOT ERC-20 or anything else). This is like making sure you are using the right currency when traveling to another country, you don't want to show up in Portugal and try to buy food using Japanese Yens.
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