Create a Wallet
To get started on 01, you'll need to set up a wallet that supports the Solana blockchain.
A crypto wallet is a device or application that stores a collection of keys and can be used to send, receive, and track ownership of cryptocurrencies. Learn more here.
Here are a few options to choose from. Make sure to follow the specific setup instructions for the wallet you choose:
  • โ€‹Phantom is a wallet and browser extension that can be used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications on the Solana blockchain.
  • โ€‹Sollet is a non-custodial web wallet created by the Project Serum team and can be used to send and receive SOL and any SPL Token.
  • โ€‹SolFlare is a community-created non-custodial web wallet that was built specifically for Solana. SolFlare supports the creation and management of stake accounts, and gives users the ability to send and receive any SPL Token.
NEVER give someone your private keys or recovery phrase ("seed phrase")... this will give someone complete access to your crypto...
The 01 team will NEVER ask you for your keys or seed phrases.
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