What is 01?

01 is a decentralized derivatives exchange protocol. 01 offers many of the same tools that centralized exchanges offer (such as cross-collateral, cross-margin, and borrow lending) but in a fully decentralized environment.

How is 01 different from other DEXs?

01 offers a full-suite trading experience without compromising on decentralization. On other chains, DEXs either opt for a virtual automated market-maker instead of an orderbook due to transaction throughput limitations, or offer an orderbook but that is ran on a centralized server. 01 is able to offer a true orderbook experience without sacrificing decentralization thanks to Project Serum's on-chain matching engine. 01 is also the only DEX offering orderbook based Power Perps.

What can I trade on 01?

Currently, 01 supports Perpetual Futures and Power Perpetuals.

How can I earn passive yield?

All deposits automatically earn passive APY by providing utility to 01's borrow lending pool. Simply deposit and you will start earning.

How do I lend?

All deposits are treated as lendable deposits, and so accrue APY automatically. Simply deposit and you will start lending.

What is Solana?

​Solana is the blockchain 01 is built on. It is currently the fastest, most performant, and efficient chain. Transaction costs average $0.00025, and the network can handle over 50,000 transactions per second.

Which collaterals does 01 accept?

01 offers cross-collateral capabilities, meaning you can deposit any of the supported tokens and use them as your collateral. We plan on offering support for 50+ collateral tokens. Current supported tokens can be found here.

Will there be more markets listed?

01 was built to scale and has the ability to support well over 100+ market pairs. The protocol will first start with steady and progressive rollouts of the most popular markets. You can join our discord to make requests for markets.

How much leverage is available?

01 will initially offer up to 20x leverage. See each market spec for details.

What is Cross-chain depositing?

Cross-chain depositing is a unique feature, currently only available on 01 Exchange, that allows traders to deposit into their 01 margin account from any supported blockchain (Ethereum, and more to come) in addition to Solana.
Learn more here.

Where can I submit feedback and ideas?

Reach out to us over Twitter, or on Discord! We're always active and love feedback!